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Car Insurance Options

Car Insurance Options

car insurance options save money

Car Insurance Options

There are many great insurance agents, brokers and captive agencies out there.  Sometimes we get everything we need all in one, but sometimes that’s not the case and you may feel like part of your coverage is stuck in the mud.  Car insurance options save money.

By stuck, I mean that perhaps you love your agent and he or she takes great care of you on your polices, but there’s one that just isn’t a good fit.   Your situation has you feeling like you have no choice to leave that policy or entire package where it is.

I’m here to tell you that you do have options.  Here are some examples that may apply to you:

  • You are with a captive agent, hence you can only be offered one carrier – theirs.
    • Captive agents are great for many people. If you’re happy and getting the products you need at the pricing you deserve – stay put.
  • Your agent doesn’t have an insurance carrier that is competitive on one policy.
    • You feel stuck because you’re getting a good value on the other policies.

Solution: Seek options.

With an insurance broker, your agent serves you and your needs, yet they can’t do so without insurance carriers. As a result you get quotes  from a few to several insurance carriers that are a potential fit.

Haymaker Insurance ensures you’re not stuck with one insurance company. You get a range of choices from top personal insurance companies that can provide a complete package for your home, car, umbrella and more; or just the single policy you need.

We will assess your needs and  look for bundling opportunities so that you get you the best value for your insurance dollar.


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