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navigate roundabouts auto insurance federal way

How to Navigate Roundabouts

How to navigate roundabouts with confidence. When I was taking driver’s education in Tacoma I don’t remember ever seeing one let alone learning how to navigate roundabouts.  Now, I see their popularity growing and more and more of us getting confused. Myself included. I’ve pulled together some basic info that hopefully will help clear up…
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Motorcycle Coverage in Federal Way, Tacoma, Auburn and more

Do I Need Motorcycle Coverage Year-Round?

Motorcycle Coverage, Safety and Reasons Stay Insured With Washington sunshine comes the bikes!  Riders it’s time to check your gear and protect yourself with motorcycle coverage. Drivers in Washington need to be aware that more motorcycles will be on the road as pockets of sunshine continue. As a rider and insurance agent I worry how…
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car insurance gap coverage loan lease payoff

Who Pays if My Car is Totaled?

Do you lease or finance your car, truck or SUV? If so, your policy may not cover the entire amount without loan lease payoff coverage. Here’s why: If a vehicle is totaled, it’s policy only pays for the value of the car, thus it may not cover the remaining balance owed. This could leave you…
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Safeco Insurance Federal Way

Safeco Insurance Available Here

Haymaker Insurance now offers our customers more options with Safeco Insurance. Safeco Insurance quotes and polices are now even easier to obtain. Personal insurance shoppers in Federal Way and surrounding areas can now contact Haymaker Insurance for a quote. At Haymaker, we take great pride in providing outstanding service, expert advice and a variety of…
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Federal Way Welcome Hagerty Classic Car Insurance

Welcome Hagerty

Welcome Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Hagerty brings a passion for protection and affordability to the classic car and boat insurance customer. See why we welcome Hagerty to our agency. Why we choose Hagerty: As an owner of a Classic Car, we know how important it is to protect our valued classic while getting an affordable…
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Welcome Encompass

Welcome Encompass Insurance! Haymaker Insurance is pleased to announce we have added Encompass Insurance to our family of insurance carriers. Encompass gives us the ability to offer a complete solution from home, auto and umbrella coverage.  We’re proud to have them as a partner. The EncompassOne Policy offers one premium for both home and auto.…
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Progressive Insurance Federal Way

Welcome Progressive

Welcome Progressive Insurance! Haymaker Insurance is now appointed with Progressive Insurance. Our appointment with Progressive gives our customers access to the number one insurer of motorcycles and ATVs.  Also, the number one insurer of boats and personal watercraft and finally one of the best providers of personal auto insurance in the market. In addition, we…
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Motorcycle Insurance Basics in Washington

Motorcycle Insurance Basics for Washington Anyone that’s ever ridden a bicycle knows that if it has two wheels it’s going to fall over, hence motorcycle insurance coverage. We are not 9 anymore so we take better care of our stuff and take precautions to keep them safe. It’s because of that tendency to take extra care, I’m…
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