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Do I Need Motorcycle Coverage Year-Round?

Do I Need Motorcycle Coverage Year-Round?

Motorcycle Coverage in Federal Way, Tacoma, Auburn and more

Motorcycle Coverage, Safety and Reasons Stay Insured

With Washington sunshine comes the bikes!  Riders it’s time to check your gear and protect yourself with motorcycle coverage.

Drivers in Washington need to be aware that more motorcycles will be on the road as pockets of sunshine continue. As a rider and insurance agent I worry how many drivers have gotten used to motorcycles being absent from the road.

motorcycle coverageJust this last weekend I counted 17 motorcycles in Federal Way.  It’ was a great reminder that drivers need to make a point you check blind spots before changing lanes.

Motorcycle riders need to be aware as well.  Keeping your head on a swivel can help you see a car even though it’s driver may not see you.

Moreover, the blocks of sunshine we’re getting from time to time is tempting to pull your bike out and ride.  If it’s been sitting awhile it’s time to check the tires, refresh the fuel and do a general safety and maintenance check on the bike and your gear.  I once had a spider drop down directly between my eyes and the closed visor in my helmet.  Not the safest thing to be thinking about when you’re pulling into traffic.

Motorcycle Insurance

When it comes to riding, being responsible, safe and enjoying the ride is what it’s all about. You want to protect that with motorcycle coverage. It helps cover your financial responsibility if you are responsible for a collision, injuries and of course coverage your bike.

Do I need to carry insurance on my bike all year around? No, but why would you want to cancel your insurance just to not have it when the sun pops out? It’s a good idea to carry insurance on your bike all year.  If there’s a fire in your house your home insurance does not cover any titled vehicles. This includes ATVs and dirt bikes.

Motorcycle insurance is affordable and can even save you money on other policies like car insurance or homeowners insurance.

Vespa InsuranceCoverage can be purchased for cruisers, sport bikes, tour bikes, super sport, dual purposes motorcycles, off-road, four-wheel utility vehicles, side by sides, mopeds, scooters/vespa, snowmobiles, trikes, golf carts and even homemade bikes.Dirt Bike Insurance

Get a free motorcycle Insurance quote. Visit us or call 253-220-5430.

As an independent insurance agent, I can go to several markets on your behalf getting you the motorcycle coverage you need while making sure you get the best value for your money.  While my insurance agency is in Federal Way I have clients from Tacoma to Seattle and serve all points in between.

Must I have auto coverage if I ride a motorcycle? No, but you must follow Washington’s Financial Responsibility Law and show proof of financial responsibility as a motorcycle rider. A motorcycle insurance policy with liability coverage can do that. 

Adding motorcycle coverage to your car insurance, home insurance or renters insurance may help save money overall.  Call us to learn more.



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