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Should I Purchase Pet Insurance?

Should I Purchase Pet Insurance?

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Pet Insurance

What does pet insurance have to do with motorcycles? Nothing but if you were to ask me, should I get motorcycle insurance my answer would be yes and why don’t you have it now? Not judging but considering the costs of bikes today and what you face on the road, yes please cover your motorcycle.

Ask me the same question about pet insurance and I would have to say – it depends.

To help see if pet insurance if right for you I would have to know more. Learn about your pets and what their experiences are with vet care. Even then my answer may remain the same – it depends.

In addition to pet insurance the most common way people are paying for pet injuries and illnesses is traditional out-of-pocket.  Charging vet care on a credit card is an option as well with finance companies like care credit.

5 things to consider about pet insurance

1. Past experiences with pet injuries or illness.

Your personal history with a pet and his or her veterinarian care could be a big factor in deciding if it’s right for you. In my experience, with Wilson the Boston Terrier, pet insurance would have helped. If you didn’t read that post just know our vet bills kept the lights on for years at Federal Way area vets.

2. The number of dogs or cats you have.

How many pets you have can play a part in insurance premiums or in costly vet bills. Even a good deal on something can start getting costly if you add more to it. A positive benefit with pet insurance from Safeco is that you get a discount for multiple pets, therefore, help your budget. If you happen to already be a Safeco customer there’s another discount available and you don’t have to be a Safeco customer to get pet coverage.

3. Frequency of vet visits.

If you have or had an injury prone pet or one that seemed to always be into something; it could be a good deal for you. I have a good friend whose dog plays so hard he wears the skin off the bottom his feet. He also has a habit if eating socks whole – a pair if he can find them. On the other hand, if your pet only sees a vet when it’s time for a vaccine maybe paying out-of-pocket is the way to go.

4. Dog or cat breed.

Breed is a big indicator of what your future veterinarian bills may look like. Depending on the breed, and I’m no dog or cat expert, you could be facing congenital or hereditary genetic conditions. Since I have a German Shepherd I immediately think of hip dysplasia. I’ve also experienced mass cell tumors and lung cancer in our Boston Terrier. Coverage for illness is available if it’s not a pre-existing condition and selected when first initiating the policy.

5. Budget & financial threshold.

Know what you can bear financially when paying out-of-pocket for preventative care, injuries and illness. The same is true when it comes to premiums for pet insurance. When you have an emergency and don’t expect a large bill having options might be for you.

When Wilson the Boston was in the Tacoma emergency clinic we were given a staggering estimate for treatment. They required a down payment before starting. It was overwhelming.

While in the lobby there was a woman on her cell phone. She was talking with her father and she was clearly overwhelmed herself as she was crying desperately asking for help to pay for the down payment for her cat. Apparently, her cat suffered an injury and needed surgery.

Coverage Plans

1. Accident Only – helps with payments related to accidents and injuries like broken bones, bite wounds, torn ligaments, lodged foreign objects and toxic ingestion.
2. Complete Coverage – includes the Accident Only plan and illnesses – helps with bills related to cancer, diabetes, behavior issues, congenital or hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia, separation anxiety and dental diseases like gingivitis.

Optional Add on Coverage

• Preventative Care – Add on animal visits to any play for an additional cost.

In conclusion, there’s one final factor that I didn’t list in the 5 considerations above. Our 2 dogs and cat are part of our family. We enjoy their companionship and the joy they bring our family. If they’re injured or sick and we can do something within reason to care for them we do.



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