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Have a Dog or Cat? Pet Insurance!

Have a Dog or Cat? Pet Insurance!

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Here’s the road I took with a beloved family dog that helped shape my opinion on pet insurance and why I offer it to my customers.

Meet Wilson

Wilson was the best dog a family could hope for.  He was a Boston Terrier who joined my family when he was just 8 weeks old and left us after 13 wonderful years.Pet Insurance Dog Cat

We nicknamed Wilson The Ten Thousand Dollar Dog because like the 1970’s tv show The Six Million Dollar Man he cost a lot to rebuild. He was totally worth it.

Wilson Plays Fetch

His first surgery (see where am going with this?) evolved a stick to the eye. While playing in the yard he ran into a bush and injured his eye. This left us with a significant vet bill for emergency services and surgery.  We saved the eye and Wilson recovered.

Wilson’s Blanket

Roughly a year later, Wilson received a knitted blanket from a friend. Bostons love to be covered up.

One day, I came home to find a string of yarn from that blanket hanging out of Wilson’s mouth… and his rear end. We rushed to an after hours vet hospital in Auburn but was sent to an emergency vet hospital in Tacoma for treatment.

We learned that the yarn was connected and compromising his internal organs. He required surgery to extract the yarn and repair the internal damage.

This is the point where the vet staff gives you an estimate of services before treatment. It’s overwhelming to say the least. Your family pet is hurting, and you feel like you don’t have any options, let alone time to think. They require a deposit prior to treatment.

After we paid the deposit we hoped for the best.  He ended up needing a blood transfusion to; that was added on.

Should We Get Pet Insurance on Wilson?

After his recovery, my Mom suggestion pet insurance. I wasn’t an insurance agent then, so researched, received some quotes and decided to do nothing. Why would I buy pet insurance at this point?  After all we’ve already had the worst possible luck and spent thousands. Why spend any more money?

What I decided to do instead was add a little extra to a savings account every month just in case.  I went with $50 a month which would have given us $600 a year to cover medical expenses should he require them.

Wilson’s Taco

Seven months into to that plan Wilson finds himself in the animal emergency room with severe dehydration and upset stomach.  See, when your daughter decides to feed your dog, who has severe food allergies, a spicy taco that’s where you end up.  No surgery this time but a two-night stay in the hospital wipes out the vet savings and my plan.

Wilson – Is It Cancer?

At this point the best dog a family could hope for is young, healthy and full of joy.  We’re doing great.  Then we discover a lump on his abdomen.

His vet does a biopsy and it turns out it’s cancer. Of course, it is.

We meet with a veterinary oncologist who told us it was a mass cell tumor.  We were given options for treatment and chose surgical removal. The doctor told us that if they get good margins around the tumor it would be a one and done procedure.  Done; tumor gone.

Wilson’s Last Days

We had a great final year with our Wilson dog, but we lost him to lung cancer. One day he’s running around the house playing tug-o-war with the kids, and the next something is terribly wrong.

Wilson had given us 13 great years and we hope, he believed, we gave him some great years too.

Our Pets Today

We adopted, Gilbert, a Chow Shepherd mix from Puget Sound Rescue at the age of two.  He’s the senior citizen of the house at the grand age of seven.

For some reason Santa believed my girls needed a kitten, so Sugar the cat is two years old now.

Apparently, we love everything in our house to be thoroughly chewed on because we added Kona, an eight-week-old German Shepherd puppy, to the mix. She’s 10 months old now and still chewing.

Visit our page on Pet Insurance at Haymaker Insurance to get a quote today.

Pet Insurance

The coverage is flexible allowing you the flexibility to choose what’s best for you. For example, you choose either an accident only plan or a plan that includes accident and illness.  You also choose your:

  • Annual maximum amount of coverage
  • Annual Deductible
  • Percentage of reimbursement

Preventative Care is an option too.

Pet owners pay for services and get reimbursed after the deductible has been met and considerations made for the maximum coverage amount and percent of reimbursement we choose.

Getting a quote is easy and only considers these 5 questions:

  1. Dog or Cat?
  2. Purebred or Mixed?
  3. Pet Breed – closest match?
  4. Male or Female?
  5. Birthday – closest to?

There are some limitations and details to consider but in general we think it’s a good idea.



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